Becoming a mother is a beautiful endeavor, but also a really lonely one. The Great Room has made motherhood less lonely for me. It’s a place where I know I can go with my two children, and feel totally at home. Throughout the past year, the Great Room has served so many purposes for me. I bring my toddler daughter to classes there on the days when if we don’t get out of the house, we will both go insane. I bring my newborn son, who was colicky, so that Jess and Susie can help me hold him. My daughter attends the Spanish playgroup, which she absolutely loves. I have met countless other parents at the Great Room with whom I can bond about what we are going through. It’s so much more than just a space — it’s a community. Oh, and the couches are really, really comfortable!
— Brie, Mom of 2

I LOVE The Great Room! It feels like a home away from home, but with more space! I regularly attend a Mom’s group there, with my kid in tow. The owners are amazing and responsive and I always feel reticent to leave when it’s time to go. Thank-you, Jess and Susie, for creating a warm and loving space for Brooklyn families.
— BC, Mom of 2

Affordable, friendly, flexible, and outdoors are all words I would use to describe The Great Room. My now 6-year-old had his birthday party at TGR shortly after they opened. The age range of kids who attended the party varied from 5 months to 12 years old. Everyone had a great time, even the grown-ups. Well, they’re in luck since the 6-year-old’s party is once again at TGR.
— Shelley, Mom of 2

The great room has been such a great source of comfort to me as a mom in the neighborhood. Just getting out of the house offers a sense of accomplishment and being in that lovely space meeting other families is even better. It really feels like a shared space for everybody. On the weekends we’ve done cooking classes, sing alongs and even sound meditation! It’s been a place for my family to take classes (workouts, music, child development programs-so much is offered!). And it became such a central place in our lives that we felt like there was no better place to host our daughter’s first birthday. In short, I’m so thankful to have a home away from home like this and encourage others to join in the fun and community.
— Leslie, Mom of 2

Some of my most precious memories from this past summer were made at The Great Room. My son and I would run over to meet our best friends as often as possible. We particularly loved the learning labs where my curious one year old could sink into Immersive sensory play while I enjoyed getting to know cool moms in the sunshine. I love this place so much!
— Daniella, Mom of 1

Since she was a baby my two year old daughter Olivia has attended classes (messy art for toddlers!), birthday parties, music, yoga and drop in time at The Great Room and she absolutely loves it there. One time she fell asleep on the walk over and I dared to wake over (never a great idea) but she was all smiles once she realized where she was. But this review is not about her, it’s about me. The Great Room is a place that I genuinely enjoy being. It is the perfect mix of comfy couches and great toys and the perfect balance between not too structured and not too wild. I am so thankful that Jess and Susie created a space for our littles to gather, play and learn where we as adults can get to know our neighbors, drink coffee and have a little fun ourselves.
— Elizabeth, Mom of 1

The 2 year old twins that I care for are part of the “Messy Toddler Art” class. They love it!! They are excited when I say, “It’s art class today!” They enjoy playing around with the colours and creating art pieces. There is also a story time incorporated in the class which they enjoy. I would recommend it for any toddler.
— Freedom, nanny of twin toddlers