About Jess and Susie

We are two social workers who met in the place where so many of us "meet" other moms and gather information, an online parenting group.  We immediately connected over a shared passion involving community social work and were both thrilled to have found each other. We eventually met in Jess's living room to share ideas, chatting on Jess' comfy couch while all the kids played together. There was tea and delicious food, tantrums and giggles, shared stories and career aspirations.  Over the course of our meal, we realized we both had the same goal: to provide a cozy, warm and safe space for parents to connect with each other, share resources, support others and be supported. Here we are, a year later, making that dream come true.

Jessica Rich, LCSW is (currently) a single mom living in Carroll Gardens with her 2 year old little lady.  For over 14 years, she has practiced both abroad and at home in school settings, shelters and day treatment centers.  Jessica has also worked with seniors before focusing her practice on teenagers, adults and couples.  Her main area of expertise is mindfulness-based therapy and Aboriginal Psychotherapy along with CBT.   She also is a regular practitoner of Vipassana meditation and a Sivananda yoga teacher. Jessica is raising her daughter, Mila, in a screen free home and is addicted to Janet Lansbury's posts. Mila has also helped Jessica kick her travel habit and they are both very happy building a home right here.


Susie Gersten, LCSW is a child and family psychotherapist born and raised in Cobble Hill. With 15 years experience in community organizations, schools, mental health clinics, and in private practice as well as 7+ years as a parent herself, she is a verified expert on the unique experience of raising children in New York City. Susie lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 2 boys who all enjoy screens of many varieties. She is a lover of all animals, especially her aspiring co-therapist pup Tami Taylor.