Creating a COOP for your 2 year old!

Creating a COOP for your 2 year old!


We have all been there or about to be there: my child is turning 2 soon, WHAT DO I DO NOW?! Not quite ready for a full time day care but definitely need some time to yourself and a structured, organized place for your child to be around other children. And maybe you want to have a say in the type of first education you want your child to receive?

Create a coop.

Come to this gathering of moms/dads who are interested in started a coop. While here, you might even find the first few people to connect and collaborate with on this project.

We will talk about the essential elements of making your dream school for your little one into a reality including, but not limited to:

  • the space

  • the teachers

  • the other parents/children

  • the contracts

  • the materials

Susie Gersten and Jessica Rich, the founders of The Great Room, will be presenting. Both of them have run/is running a coop. Susie actually started her coop and then passed it along to Jessica when her son outgrew it. Jessica, with the help of another mom, then revamped the coop to best meet their own needs.

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