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Basic Basic Stock Buying and Selling, $20

Please email Christine for payment details or questions:

About the Workshop This is a informal first time workshop for Tuesday Nighters and others. Topics covered:

What are stocks?

Why to buy?

Why to sell?

What’s an IPO?

What should I buy?

Price/earnings ratio

Tax implications 

Christine is a complete non-expert in this field. If she were remotely qualified the closest related accolades are BA in Mathematics from Vassar College, reading a book about stocks in her 20s and investing $5k which has increased 12 times in value. She is a local mom with many talents, including avoid cleaning her apartment, making snarky comebacks and singing 80s songs.  From the Tuesday Nighters group she realized many women don’t know much about stocks and wanted to share her limited knowledge. Christine is NOT a financial planner or stock broker.