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Baby in Tune - with Kate O'Brien (8-24months) $380/10 weeks

Baby in Tune - classes for 0-7 months and 8-24 months
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Baby in Tune - classes for 0-7 months and 8-24 months

Please register directly with Baby in Tune at the following link:

0-7 months: Thursdays at 10am

8-24 months: Thursdays at 11am

Spring semester dates: 4/4-6/27 (4/25, 5/16, and 5/23 are off)

What makes Baby in Tune music classes so unique?

“Any new mom will tell you how important it is to have other new moms to connect and share experiences with. Vered not only makes this possible in her music groups held in intimate locations, but also gives you musical tools to bond with your little one. In this music class, which feels like it doubles as a mom-therapy group, Vered plays her songs (which she writes herself!) and explains the impact that they have on the developmental level of your little one and when are appropriate times to play them. After each class, you are left with a greater appreciation of the power of music, and as though you know just a few more tricks on how to be an awesome parent.”

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