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Diet Starts Monday: Finding the right diet for you, $15

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About the Workshop We'll go over all of the popular diets and help you decide what is/if there is a best fit for you. We'll hit the major points of the Keto, Whole 30, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting and many others. You'll learn what you can/can't eat on each and the benefits/downfall of each diet. You'll leave the class with an idea of the best diet for you and how you can begin implementing it.

About Dwayne: Dwayne is a local dad of two boys who is the owner of Starting Line Fitness where he is a personal trainer, strength coach and nutrition coach. Dwayne is a level 2 Precision Nutrition coach who helps clients remain accountable and learn sustainable healthy eating habits. Dwayne also works with people 30-60 who are new to working out, particularly lifting weights, in Brooklyn, Manhattan and online.