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Getting Messy With First Time Eaters, $15

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About the Workshop: In this hour, we will talk through the evidence-based best practices for raising happy, healthy eaters. Feeding our children is, for many, a daunting task. But, with everything we have on our plate when it comes to taking care of our children, food should not create more anxiety and power struggles. And it doesn't have to! Through professional practice and personal experience, I have learned some basic truths about how, starting from the introduction of complementary foods, we can create an environment that helps our children develop a healthy attitude towards food and eating. Of course, that includes eating vegetables!

About David: David Siegel is a Registered Dietitian, chef, and culinary instructor living in Brooklyn, NY. He draws on experience from thousands of hours designing and leading hands-on culinary classes and demonstrations and working as a chef and food entrepreneur in Boston, Portland, OR and New York City. Since 2010, David has taught culinary skills and nutrition concepts to thousands of people. He completed a Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Brooklyn College and the Dietetic Internship program at Hunter College. He is particularly interested in helping families develop healthy eating habits and how culinary exploration can play a role in youth development as well as leading to positive health outcomes. His research includes building the proper foundation for these habits starting from birth. David translates his knowledge into practice in the classroom, community, and at home with his wife and young son.