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Mindful Potty Training: Put down the book! - $35

Mindful Potty Training: Put down the book!

Like all milestones, learning to use the potty is a unique and individual process for each child.

Learn about the ins and outs of potty training from a developmental perspective. How do we give a child ownership over the process? What do we teach them and how? When do we let go and trust? Bring your questions, stories and sense of humor. No sticker charts or gummy bears needed.

Topics will include:

-readiness: what is it?

-the importance of language

-giving choices, setting boundaries

-managing our expectations

-managing big feelings (ours and theirs)

Melina Gac Levin, MSEd/Special Ed

Melina Gac Levin is an infant and toddler developmental specialist with over a decade of experience working with families and children both in and out of the classroom. Her passion lies in supporting young children and their families to find joy and comfort in themselves, each other and their community. She is enjoying experiencing things firsthand as the mother to an active and curious toddler.

She holds a BA in Visual Arts from Columbia University, a dual Masters in Infant, Toddler and Family Development and Early Childhood General & Special Education from Bank Street College of Education. She is certified to teach children yoga through Asana Alphabet, and infant massage through Loving Touch International. Melina has presented workshops at Bank Street’s Infancy Institute and at the NYSAIS Diversity and Equity in Curriculum Conference. She is influenced by the writings of Magda Gerber and her studies in Body Mind Centering. She is looking forward to teaching graduate students in Bank Street’s World of the Infant class next Spring.

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