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Baby in Tune - with Kate O'Brien (0-7months) $380/10 weeks

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10 weeks: September 18-November 20, 2018

About Kate O'Brien: Kate O’Brien is a licensed music therapist with a background in human development and psychology. For over a decade, she worked with children and their families in various NYC pediatric medical settings. After working as a music therapist internationally in 2015, she returned to New York excited to continue to provide care that is supportive and family centered. She currently works with children with special needs in West Chester.

Description of Class: This unique, intimate, and gentle music class is all about connecting with your baby and feeling more playful and joyful in your parenting. You will learn what makes for a healthy bond with your baby, implementing concepts from psychology and methods from music therapy to focus on each developmental stage and its needs. You'll gain a musical toolbox to use with your baby such as how to use music to establish routine, soothe your baby, play, and "baby therapy”. It is also a place for you to bond with and feel supported by other group members, and become more in touch with their own experiences, emotions, and inner music.