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Boots Playgroup and Spanish Class, 3-5 y/o.'s ($30/day)


Teacher Bio for Calendar: Carla has been leading education groups for preschooled aged children since 2015. She is a language lover, an education enthusiast and has a dedication to living a colorful life.

Description of Class for our Calendar: The Boots Playgroup is more than just a playdate. With these two-hour classes and field trips children will have their minds activated. Our classes a provide a structured, well-rounded curriculum that promotes passion, creativity, self-esteem, and independence without losing sight of the importance of education. Each lesson introduces a new topic to be discussed through free exploration, a guided lesson, and hands-on play! Spanish vocabulary will be introduced alongside English with songs, books, and games. Every week children will learn dozens of new Spanish words and phrases. Children will also have the freedom of self-directed activity and collaborative play with fun teacher-led activities!

to register, please email Carla at

Wednesdays in August, 12pm - 2pm