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Healthy Bonding with Baby - $30/session, 6 weeks

Parenting is an incredibly primal and visceral experience. It can bring the deepest joy and the most overwhelming challenges. It requires us to stretch our capacities to engage in relationships in ways we could not have imagined while being sleep deprived and spread thin with all of our other responsibilities.

Healthy Bonding with Baby will provide a time and supportive space, free from judgement, for slowing down and focusing with intention on building relationships with our babies. 

In this group we will explore our attunement with our babies and experience how regulating our own emotions helps to soothe them. We will explore our capacities for tolerating our own distress and discomfort and that of our babies. We will make connections between the parenting that we received and the parenting that we are providing and we will explore our fantasies and expectations of our children and how that informs our parenting. 

This group will be judgement free, promoting radical acceptance and a neutral observing lens through which we will view our own emotions and behaviors. Bring baby along to deepen the connection.

Dr. Ali Pivar is a licensed clinical psychologist with a lifelong interest in mental health and well-being, emotional development, and interpersonal relationships. She currently works in a private group practice in Brooklyn where she treats children, adolescents and adults coping with anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships, trauma and other challenges.

Dr. Pivar holds an undergraduate degree in sociology and psychology from Connecticut College and a Doctorate in School-Clinical Child Psychology from Pace University. While working from a psychodynamic perspective, Dr. Pivar integrates cognitive behavioral and interpersonal approaches based on the individual needs of each client.  She believes the most important aspect of therapy is the collaborative relationship between client and therapist and focuses on providing a safe space for each client to establish trust and feel comfortable exploring their inner world. Dr. Pivar has a special interest in early attachment, trauma and PTSD, and mind-body medicine.  She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Brooklyn Psychological Association.

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