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Therapist Led Support Group for Parents of Children with Disabilities, $35

About Arielle Bonne: Arielle is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a Master of Science in Social Work degree from Columbia University and a Bachelor's Degree from Barnard College. She specializes in working with children with disabilities and their families, and has over 7 years of professional experience in pediatric settings. She is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT), and incorporates meditation and mindfulness into her social work practice.

About the Support Group:  Join us every other Tuesday for an opportunity to connect with other parents of children with disabilities. This group offers the chance to meet local parents who share the challenges faced when raising a special needs child in NYC. Come to get emotional support, guidance with regard to resources and navigating school, the healthcare system, etc., or just to vent in a safe space. All discussions will be kept confidential. 


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