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Support Group for Parents of Teens, $30

Description of Group: There are many groups and classes out there to assist new parents and parents of young children but parents of teenagers are generally on their own. This group, led by a psychotherapist and also a parent of a teenager herself, will provide a supportive environment to discuss our roller coaster feelings of frustration and pride, as well as the fear and loss that are part of the parenting process with teens.

About Rosy Rosenkrantz, L.C.S.W.:  Rosy is a Relational Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst in private practice for 25 years. In previous years, she was a Clinician for LGBTQ adolescents at the Hetrick-Martin Institute and Clinical Supervisor for the Youth Program at the LGBTQ Community Center. She also worked as an individual therapist and group leader at The Renfrew Center for eating disorder treatment. In addition to her Brooklyn and Manhattan practice, she currently works as a Clinical Consultant to the Teaching Artists at Brooklyn Children’s Theatre and is the mom of a 15 year old boy. For more about Rosy, see her website at:


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