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Inaugural Women Led Beer Pairings Dinner - $75

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About the Event:  This inaugural female led dinner pairings showcasing chef Dana Klitzberg, chef of Blu Aubergine, and Simple Brewing is the first of many where women chefs and beverage leaders collaborate on a delicious meal. Why? Because only 19% of chefs are female and only 7% of those are head chefs. And they're paid 28% less than their male counterparts. So, please join us for an unforgettable pairings dinner with these unsung tastemakers.

About Dana Klitzberg, Blu Aubergine Chef: Dana has been educated in Italian cuisine over the course of 28 years spent visiting and living in Italy -- as a student, traveler, resident, and professional chef. She is, to date, the first (and possibly remains the only) female American chef ever to serve as Executive Chef of a restaurant in Italy...twice.  She began her cooking career at the renowned Italian restaurant San Domenico NY, and later moved to Rome, Italy. She spent 8 years in the Eternal City, furthering her restaurant career by cooking her way up to executive chef, collaborating with top Italian Michelin-starred toques, and honing her craft and her palate through travel up and down the Italian peninsula, and around the world.  In 2002 she launched blu aubergine to cater events among expats and teach cooking classes to visiting foreigners in Italy. Over the years and the course of her restaurant work, the company grew into a favorite catering company for international clients in film and the arts, as well as diplomatic institutions (foreign embassies, the American Academy of Rome), and governing agencies like the Rome-based Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the UN.  Dana now spends most of her time in New York City, and returns to Italy several times a year for extended stays, during which she continues to conduct classes and tours, cater, write about Italian food, and renew inspiration in her food-obsessed surroundings. 

About Emily J Richard, Simple Brewing Company Founder: Simple Brewing is a nano-brewery startup in Brooklyn fixated on wonderful beers and giving back to the community. Through Simple Brewing Company, Emily was able to combine her love of craft beer and social entrepreneurship. She intends to showcase to the world how business, particularly a brewpub, can be a force for good. She has a professional background in operations and events management; an MPA from NYU in International Nonprofit Management; and an individualized BA from NYU entitled Stage Managing the World. Emily hopes to be relevant and influential in developing the space between private and public sectors in order to expand and innovate the ways in which we tackle the world’s largest challenges.

About Jillian, Organizer:  Jillian is a food and beverage freak with over 10 years on Wall Street doing marketing, communications and events.  As part of her event strategy, she arguably dedicated too much energy on the food and beverage piece (but it depends how you view things).  Right now she’s consulting on a number of marketing, communications and event projects and although passionate about all of them, this one may be the dearest to her.  Having been championed by women as well as a champion of women, marrying her obsession with food and beverage with these champions feels like the sweet spot to her.