The Great Room is a community living room - a place to provide meaningful support to the families in our community.


A Place to Be

As parents in New York City we are both surrounded by people and isolated. While more and more interactions happen online, we become disconnected from the world around us. The Great Room is a unique place where parents and caregivers can seek out or simply bump into their community. There is always something going on - all are welcome.


Two Moms on a Mission

We are moms, social workers, and fierce advocates of family wellness in our modern, crazy world. Our space is a community living room; a place of no judgment. We do not follow any trends; we have no strong opinions about how one should raise their family. We do have a strong belief in supporting a parent in discovering what works for their unique situation.


What We Offer

Fitmom and Baby

Fitmom and Baby

Support for Parents and Families

We offer support groups, individual, couple, and family therapy consultations, workshops, coworking, exercise, and more. We also encourage parents to use our space to host their own workshops and classes. Let us know all your ideas!

Eli, Caleb, and Mila getting Messy with Messy Art

Eli, Caleb, and Mila getting Messy with Messy Art

Classes and Workshops for Kids

The Great Room offers a range of classes and workshops for kids, including playgroups, drop-in play, sing-a-longs, messy art, breakdancing and more! Click below to see our current line-up.

Cake by Margaret Palca Bakes

Cake by Margaret Palca Bakes

Space Rental, Parties and Events

When you choose The Great Room to host your event, not only do you gain access to the best living room in Brooklyn, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting our sliding scale support groups and other services for families.


Support of the Whole Person

The Bundle - our postnatal concierge service coming soon!


join us!

Learn more about our programming and book here!

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